Amazon to produce a live-action series of She-Ra


After many years of absence, She-Ra returned to the conversation and the screens thanks to Netflix, with an animated series that ended last year. Since then the interest was renewed and new generations had the opportunity to meet the character. All this a chain of events that has finally led to an announcement by Amazon about the realization of a live action series that leads to She-Ra for the first time to the world of flesh and blood.

The study of the platform streaming will make an alliance with the production company Dreamworks (via) who was also behind the creation of the animated show. On that occasion the study from the Spielberg branches, allied with Netflix, but the popularity of the program showed them that the character still has a potential that has not been exploited so far.

Since its inception in 1985, She-Ra has been forever tied to the world of cartoons. Originally the character was introduced in the film He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword, as part of the franchise Masters of the universe, where He-Man and his powerful Greiscol allies come from.

In that one, Adora was introduced as the twin sister of “Adam.” Her disappearance was justified by a kidnapping that occurred when she was very young, executed by Hordak and taken to the planet Etheria, where she was mind controlled. He-Man then rescues her, takes her with him and grants her the sword of protection, which gives her her powers and makes her the strongest woman in the universe.

Almost immediately the character got his own independent series, which consisted of two seasons and about 100 episodes. Its broadcast ran between 1985 and 1986, until production was stopped indefinitely. Despite this, She-Ra remained marked in popular culture and appeared sporadically in some other related productions, but never focused exclusively on her.

That changed when She-Ra returned in 2018 with Netflix and Dreamworks Animations through five multi-episode seasons. In this version of the story, the character was set up with an origin completely unrelated to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Now the She-Ra Amazon promises to take the character to perhaps more unexpected and interesting terrain. There are still no details about the talent that will be behind the creation of the series, except for the involvement of a new account, the Dreamworks studio and its intentions to design this production as a very alien to the stories told in the past contributions of the character.


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