Alive? James Gunn reveals a big secret about the Suicide Squad


The director revealed that one of the characters in The Suicide Squad did not have the tragic fate that we all think.

The Suicide Squad It is a festival of action, blood, delirium but at the same time it was one surprise after another, with the constant death of many of the characters that pass the more than 2 hours of film.

However, within all this dance of demise, one seems to have been saved from his fatal fate. According to his own words James Gunn, movie director, film director, TDK (character played by Nathan Fillion) was saved from the massacre on the beach during the first minutes of the film.

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“It is important to note that if you look at the signs of life in the communications center, TDK is not dead,” Gunn expresses in his tweet.

Will he have a rematch in a possible sequel? For now, neither Warner nor DC executives have given the green light for a second installment.

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