Alfonso Cuarón was fascinated with The Northman, by Robert Eggers


The premiere of the third feature film by Robert Eggers (The witch, The lighthouse) It is just around the corner. And there are lucky people who have already been able to catch a glimpse of the 30-something director’s epic new film. For example, the Mexican Alfonso Cuaronwho long ago was public of the final cut of The Northman (titled north man in Latin America) and gave his approval, recognizing Eggers’ risky proposal and the abundant symbolism that permeates it.

For a recent article on Robert Eggers and the ambitious The Northman, The New Yorker collected a handful of statements by Alfonso Cuarón around that period tape. It is a fiction set in Iceland in the tenth century, where a Viking prince embarks on a path of revenge against those responsible for the death of his father. It is based on the secular legend of Amleth, which in turn inspired the tragedy Hamlet of William Shakespeare.

However, beyond the narrative, the filmmaker behind Rome he prefers to highlight Eggers’ achievements in the visual, where (in his opinion) the thematic load is an undeniable and labyrinthine constant. “Each frame is loaded with the thematic elements of the entire film”exposed Cuaron. «I must say that it is very complex, it is very complicated what [Eggers] make”.

According to reports, the filming of The Northman It lasted 87 days, in which the cast and production team faced harsh and strenuous conditions, not only provided by icy exteriors – filming took place on location in Iceland and Ireland – but also by the perfectionism of the director. There were long shots, for example, that required strict synchronization between the camera, the actors and the hundreds of extras. And if they weren’t flawless, Eggers demanded they be repeated over and over again.

When it comes to long shots (or sequence shots), Alfonso Cuarón is clearly an expert on the matter. Just remember the amazing work done with acclaimed cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki on Gravity and children of man. But in the case of The Northman, “the impression is almost of intoxication”expressed the Mexican to The New Yorker. “You are there and you are breathing with those actors”.

The witch (2015)

Interestingly, Robert Eggers’ debut feature, The witch, boasts thanks to Cuarón. It so happens that in 2013, the latter reviewed the first script for the film and shared his observations with the emerging filmmaker. But even from the simple role, the also director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban He gladly recognized that Eggers’s proposal saw magic as something inherent and unquestionable of reality, not necessarily fantastic.

“I was amazed,” he exclaimed in his recent statements. «I was, more than anything, curious. It is as if those elements [mágicos] They were as natural as the weather. And people coexist with those elements as a matter of existence. [En la película] there is no doubt about the existence of witches. There is no further explanation. They were just witches.”

north man It will arrive in Mexican theaters on April 14. The star cast includes Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Björk and Willem Dafoe.

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