Aeon Flux live-action series coming to Paramount Plus


New news about the series reboot from Aeon Flux! After its announcement more than three years ago, this week reports arrive that the project has the support of the platform of streaming Paramount Plus. The show will have the particularity of being live-action, in the same way as the 2005 feature film starring Charlize Theron, which (at the time) became a resounding failure. Can the upcoming TV show eliminate that bad taste in your mouth?

According to Collider, the novel series Aeon Flux will have Jeff Davis What showrunner and director of the pilot episode. In the role of creator, Davis previously received credits for the crime series. Criminal minds (2005-2020) and for the supernatural show Teen wolf (2011-2017). Now, he has signed a multi-year contract with MTV Entertainment Studios to head up various audiovisual projects. One of them is the aforementioned science fiction show.

Aeon Flux is originally a momentous animated series that the MTV channel aired between November 1991 and October 1995. It was created by South Korean Peter Chung and addressed topics such as biotechnology, anarchism and dystopian worlds.

A synopsis of the original show dictates the following (via):

“The story revolves around the secret agent Aeon Flux and takes place in the year 7698, after an environmental collapse wiped out the entire world’s population except for two cities in what was once Eastern Europe. One is an anarchist society (which Aeon hails from) and the other is a police state led by his nemesis, but also the occasional love interest, Trevor Goodchild. “

From this narrative, comics, video games and the aforementioned 2005 film adaptation were subsequently derived, which was directed by Karyn Kusama and starred in Charlize Theron. The film grossed just $ 53 million worldwide, against a budget of $ 62 million. On Rotten Tomatoes it exhibits a dismal 9% rating.

The new contract between Jeff Davis and MTV also includes an upcoming movie by Teen wolf with the original cast. Likewise, the scriptwriter and producer will take the reins of another upcoming series entitled Wolf pack, which is based on the homonymous novels by Edo Van Belkom.

There is no tentative release date for the series yet live-action Aeon Flux on Paramount Plus. Nor does any name within the cast yet sound.

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