Actor of The Boys receives hate messages from Aquaman fans

Behind a violent and very bawdy humor, the series TheBoys I can boast his approach to different current issues. For example, corruption and the enormous power of large corporations. But in addition, he has the audacity to demystify superheroes, to the point of ridiculing —obviously but indirectly— authentic characters from classic comics. And such a proposal has led to actor Chace Crawford “occasionally” receiving hate messages, from users outraged by the parody made at the expense of Aquaman.

In TheBoys, Chace Crawford plays the Deep, a member of the elite superhero group that goes by the name of The Seven. He is a character who, in addition to super strength and durability, is able to breathe underwater and communicate with marine animals. Obviously they are identical abilities to those of Aquaman, one of the emblematic vigilantes of DC Comics. However, Profundo is far from boasting the same prestige and virtuosity.

On the one hand, he is a superhero who in the universe of the series TheBoys no one takes himself seriously, not even the other members of Los Siete. In the first season, he falls from grace due to an accusation of sexual misconduct. And from there, a series of situations will come that make him a more and more pathetic character. Added to this is the fact that he stars in a couple of scenes of black humor (between funny, tragic and disturbing) that include the spectacular death of a dolphin or the illusory dialogue with his own gills.

Well, the fusion between the flaws of Profundo and his links with Aquaman came to annoy several users who chose to take it out on the actor who plays him in the Prime Video show. This was revealed by Chace Crawford himself in a recent coverage of GQ.

“Occasionally on Instagram, they say to me, ‘Go to hell, fish man, do you think it’s funny to make fun of Aquaman?’. And I think: ‘Perfect, that’s exactly what I want,’ “he commented to the medium.

Of course, TheBoys he not only had the King of the Seven Seas in his sights by crafting corrupted versions of popular superheroes. Avenger is a wicked Superman, Bold is a drug-addicted Flash, and Queen Maeve is a Wonder Woman forced to do wrong on more than one occasion. It could even be argued that Night Owl possesses an aura similar to Batman’s, albeit without the no-kill rule.

The third season of TheBoys It will have its premiere this Friday, June 3. Come in here to know all the details of this new delivery. excited?

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