According to Matt Reeves, The Batman will be “an almost horror movie”


The Batman will hit theaters on March 3 and will mark the debut of Robert Pattinson as the new defender of Gotham City.

batman It is, by scandal, one of the most anticipated film releases of the first part of 2022, not only for the character’s fandom, but also because it is the debut of a new live-action version of a character as iconic as Batman.

Robert PatTinson is responsible for starring in this story, which will have a dark tint and, without showing the origins of the character, if it will be accentuated in the early years of BruceWayne as the protector of Gotham City.

In this frame, Matt Reevesdirector of the film, emphasized the different nuances that will be addressed batmanwith a story that will address different genres, including horror.

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“This idea of ​​a place that is corrupt, and you try to swim upstream to fight it and make a difference, is quintessentially Batman. And at the center of those film noir stories is almost always the detective, right? And for that he is the best detective in the world. (…) The Batman is almost a horror movie, a thriller and an action movie, in essence and it is also a detective story.”

If the release is favorable both critically and at the box office, Warner Bros. is all set to continue expanding this universe with several sequels and a direct connection to the DC Cinematic Universe.

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