A streamer suffers harassment and loses job because of The Squid Game


The series of the famous South Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk has become a worldwide Netflix phenomenon that has crossed the limits of reality, although in a not very benevolent way. And it is that if we thought that prohibiting the costumes of the Show in the schools it was the only cause of scandal, because it is not like that, because we have climbed a new level: a streamer 32-year-old Lydia Ellery has suffered harassment and lost a couple of job opportunities due to the similarity of her social media username to The Squid Game.

Between 2010 and 2011, Lydia Ellery decided to register on social networks (Twitch and Instagram) under the name of «SquidGame»(Very similar to the English title of the South Korean series: Squid Game). Such a coincidence has brought him to influencer a lot of problems in the network, because the fans of the series thought that Ellery wanted to take advantage of the popularity of the Show claiming the name in social networks, the truth is that the streamer He has been using your username for just over a decade. In fact on Twitter he adopted the name of “@SquidGaming”.

«I got a lot of hate from fans and have lost several jobs because of it [el nombre]», Said the streamer exclusively to the BBC. “To me it was just a silly name that I thought of at the time. My friends call me ‘squid’ because it rhymes with Lid, and my name is Lydia.

It should be added that the series The Squid Game does not have an official Instagram account, this caused many users of the social network and fans of The Squid Game they will tag it or send you messages by mistake. «Because the show doesn’t have an official Instagram account, people flooded me with labels and messages thinking that I was the show », said.

Lydia Ellery The Squid Game streamer

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«I started receiving abusive messages from people. People got mad at me because they were mega fans … and they thought I had taken over the account of the show«Explained the streamer. «I had to disable the notifications on my Instagram because they were constant. My phone has been flooded.

Lydia Ellery has also had to deal with problems when searching for her name on the internet, which has affected her brand reputation. It turns out that when searching Squid Game on Google, most of the results (if not all) are associated with the Netflix series and not with Ellery’s content and accounts. The influencer believes that the negative connotations of The Squid Game they have also played against him.

«My SEO [optimización de motores de búsqueda] it’s completely ruined now, ”he said. “If you are looking for me and my brand, which I have had for more than 10 years, all that appears is the television show. Recently, I was rejected from a job because of my name ». “I guess it’s the connotations of the show, it’s a very violent show, maybe that’s it?”

“I feel depressed about the whole situation and incredibly fed up”, was what he told the BBC at the end of the interview. Recently, Lydia Ellery spoke on her Twitter profile to announce that she will probably change her username due to the multiple consequences of the situation.

Looks like I’ll have to change my name after all. I lost 2 amazing job opportunities because people don’t want to hire me with my ‘squid game’ name. This is really getting me down now.

“First they harass me, then they ban me, now I’m losing my job.”

If you want to continue your work as streamer video game players can visit their official Twitch profile HERE, whose account amounts to more than 44 thousand followers.

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