A company will give you money if you watch every episode of The Simpsons


Are you a die-hard fan of the most famous yellow family on television and want to become the next Nostradamus? The British casino Platin Casino offers money worth 5 thousand pounds sterling (about $ 140 thousand Mexican pesos) in exchange for watching all the episodes of The Simpson and anticipate the famous predictions of the series.

The person who meets all the specifications to get the position will become a kind of analyst whose job it will be to gather the predictions of The Simpson by 2022.

«It is a well-known phenomenon that The Simpson They have predicted major life events, and in our industry we also like to predict what the future holds. So, after a couple of difficult years, at Platino Casino we are intrigued to see what 2022 brings us… Before the new year, we thought we would put The Simpsons to the test and see if, after analyzing each episode, they can help us predict the future. As part of our mission to do this, we are pleased to announce that we are looking for our first official analyst for the series, “says the company from its official website.

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Requirements to apply

  • Applicants from all countries are welcome, but they must be over 18 years to submit the application.
  • Applicants must be fluent in the English language.
  • Strong writing skills are essential for the professional to accurately provide the required feedback reports.
  • Applicants must have access to a television or laptop to view and complete your work.
  • Love for The Simpson it is desirable, but not essential.

It is important to note that the employment lasts for 8 weeks. Interested persons should invest 35.5 hours of work per week to cover the 284 hours of the television program, including the movie.

«The analyst of The Simpson will see and analyze all episodes of the 33 seasons, along with the movie. During each episode, the professional will be asked to take notes on featured stories to provide feedback to us and our team of prediction experts. Then we will compile the events into a list of future predictions with a probability of each happening, ”they explained.

The Simpsons 2022 money predictions

Finally, Platino Casino made it clear that, in addition to the main payment (5 thousand pounds sterling equivalent to $ 140 thousand Mexican pesos), will award an extra £ 75 to cover the expenses that include the subscription to Disney Plus (although in Mexico and Latin America The Simpson are available through Star Plus) and WiFi service. And if this is not enough: the selected candidate receive a weekly box of donuts to enjoy while working.

If you are willing to apply for the job, enter HERE and fill out the form.

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