90 days to July 2 – Premiere, trailer and details of the Mexican film


Directed by the graduate of the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC) Rafael Martinez-Garcia, 90 days to July 2 means his debut film with which he explores the difficulties of human relationships and homosexuality wrapped in a drama of love, politics, double life and many secrets. Within the framework of the 19th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) 2021, the director and the protagonists held a press conference to reveal the genesis of this Mexican film. Enjoy the trailer and don’t miss the premiere!

What is it about?

The film tells us about Luis’s (Armando Espitia) relationship with an important Mexican politician, Andrés (Luis Arrieta), who will soon be elected as governor in the July elections in our country; however their homosexual relationship poses a constant threat to an imminent defeat. For this reason, Andrés asks Luis to remain hidden inside a house during the electoral campaigns. Luis accepts in the hope that Andrés will announce their relationship when everything passes. During the involuntary confinement, Luis knows he is in love, but he is not happy; As you analyze your own life, you may find that the decisions you have made have not been all the right ones.

“The idea arose, in particular, from a news item. I was taking an entrance exam for the CCC to study script in 2013. One of the tests corresponded to writing about a news story and, suddenly, I remembered that it was a news story about an audio that was leaked from a deputy, from a very conservative party to the north from Mexico, who was having a conversation with a minor boy and who, apparently, had a relationship with him, “said director Rafael Martínez-García about the spark that started his first feature film.

90 days to July 2 Mexican film

90 days to July 2 was filmed with very few resources, that particular circumstance led to its director Rafael Martinez-Garcia to sustain the narrative, in dramatic terms, within a single space: Luis’s house. Decision that, by the way, turned the dwelling into one more character and the reflection of Luis’ own emotions.

“He is a character who is in love and I like to think that the film and my character are about first love,” said Armando Espitia. «When you are about to collapse you enter a dynamic where you face real adult life, but still with the idea of ​​romantic love: like a child who is trying to find the love of his life with whom he thinks he is going to stay for always, but he begins to understand that love is not enough and that there are other factors that may or may not ruin love with another person.

In addition to the leading role of Armando Espitia and Luis Arrieta, 90 days to July 2 features the performances of Danae Reynaud, Martha Claudia Moreno (Killing Cabos 2: The Mask of the Maska) and Greta cervantes (The devil between the legs). It is Natalia, the character of Danae Reynaud, who gives a spark of color to Luis’s life; however, he is also a character with lights and leftovers that is not what he appears to be. “I approached Natalia from the impostor syndrome or with wanting to be something: good vibes, the cool neighbor, a good actress, a good singer and having many friends, but I think that deep down my character is very insecure,” says the actress from Sandwich club and Lady ranch.

Luis Arrieta revealed that what most attracted him to his character are his internal conflicts and how difficult it is to decipher if he is really in love with the character of Armando Espitia. «I never would have thought that my character is polyamorous. It is difficult for Andrés to really give himself to Luis due to all these bridges he has with family, politics, with society and with a public image, “he said.

90 days to July 2 Mexican film

The film is part of the Michoacana Section in the Fiction Feature Film category within the 19th edition of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) 2021 that will take place from October 27 to November 1, 2021 in person and virtually. Check here the unmissable of the festival’s programming and activities.

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