71 International Film Festival 2022: Everything you need to know


This week it was announced that the Cineteca Nacional will host the 71st International Film Festival. In this space, in addition to favoring the recovery of classic cinema, stories from all corners of the world also converge. For this reason, the 2022 Cineteca Show will present titles from various continents. The objective is to form an important perspective of the stories that are presented in the cinema of the 21st century.

The content of the 71st International Film Festival can be seen at the Cineteca Nacional from April 8 to 25, 2022. If you cannot attend, you can also enjoy the content in various rooms in Mexico City. Here we present what they are:

Cinepolis: Diana, Samara and Plaza Carso.

Cinemex: House of Art Reform, Altavista, Duraznos, Manacar and Insurgentes.

UNAM Headquarters: University Cultural Center, Chopo Cinematograph, Acatlán College of Higher Studies, Tlatelolco University Cultural Center.

IPN Headquarters: Indian Hall of the Jaime Torres Bodet Zacatenco Cultural Center and the Auditorium of the Higher School of Medicine.

Other cinemas: Cine Tonala, Le Cinéma IFAL, Cinemanía Plaza Loreto.

The United States, Germany, Russia, France, Japan, Uruguay, Denmark, Isarael, Ukraine and Mexico will be the countries that will present feature films in this film festival.

Cineteca 2022 Show

What films will we see at the 71st International Film Festival at the Cineteca?

  • mixtec knot (Mexico, 2021): First feature film by Ángeles Cruz. It touches on themes such as desires, resistance, violence, but also hope in a small town.
  • voyages (Mexico, 2021): Second film by Sergio Flores Thorija. Explore the contrasts and complexities between the cities of Tijuana and San Diego. This film and the previous one were part of the last edition of the Morelia International Film Festival.
  • trial of a crime (Mexico, 1955): It is a free adaptation made by Luis Buñuel on the homonymous novel by Rodolfo Usigli. It is also part of the restored classics.
  • C’mon C’mon: Always forward (United States, 2021): Drama starring Joaquin Phoenix. It received several nominations during the past awards season.
  • Only a woman (Germany, 2019): Drama that portrays a femicide that occurred in Berlin in 2005.
  • The Traviatamy brothers and I (France, 2021): Through the eyes of a teenager, we witness one of the favored sectors of that region.
  • Petrov’s fever (Russia – France, 2021): A family suffers from delusions as a result of influenza. In this way, a subtle reference to the pandemic is made.
Cineteca 2022 Show

To know all the films that will be in the Show, you can consult this link. The dates and times are already available, therefore, you can buy your tickets at the official website of the Cineteca.

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